i’ve officially gone for 13 days post chemo without having a temperature!  the gcsf injections obviously worked this time round and i count myself lucky that i haven’t picked anything up at work where everyone around me seems to be sneezing away most of the day. 

also managed to make an appointment with the gp next week to see what the scoop is with regard to my bone scan which showed that i might have sacroileitis - an inflamation of the lower back.  at least it showed no bone cancer, so if all i have to do is deal with what i’ve always had to deal with regarding my back and i might even manage to get some treatment, then i count myself very lucky indeed! let’s hope the gp doesn’t give me any grief about having to send me for an MRI, which is what the oncologist recommended i have done to establish exactly what the long term prognosis will be in dealing with this.

on the upside, i’ve been feeling fairly energetic and managing to do jobs round the house after coming home from 4-5 hours at work.  i just get too bored sitting around  all afternoon and if i can do an hour or so of activity at home, then that’s a good thing.  feeling bright and cheery at the moment, so let’s hope it stays that way until my next session on friday 18 May!

3rd chemo session over and done with…

not much to say really.  the session went well, i still hate having the last drug and it still makes me heave just to think about it… it makes my nose go all funny and brings on waves of nausea - lovely!

at least i have the kick ass tablets now when i get home and i take one straightaway.  means i’m asleep two hours later for the next 7-8 hours, but at least i’m not heaving my guts out!  spent the rest of the weekend asleep, eating and trying to watch some tv.

also managed to reduce the amount of steroids because they were making me feel woozy and out of it, so luckily the oncologist cut it right down which meant not having anything after sunday evening.  started to ‘wake’ up on monday and felt almost normal again on tuesday afternoon.  back to work on the wednesday and feeling relatively bright and breezy :-)

latest hair update…  patchy at the back where it wears off when i sleep, but not gone completely bald just yet!

a momentous day!! my very brave man learnt how to inject me with the gcsf which will help keep up my white cell count!!  not having to go to the surgery for 7 days will make a huge difference and i can’t express how grateful i am for being able to keep this element of control with his help!

the second chemo session got moved from the wednesday because i was having the PICC line put in and hence an odd day to have my next session.  it was nice to at least have easter friday to do stuff and i was like a manic nervous ball of energy all saturday morning to take my mind off things.  amazing what i can find to do to keep busy!

in the end, the actual session was so much more relaxed than the first and i only stressed a little bit.  nothing hurt going in, which was a relief, and the only thing still causing me a problem is the last drug which makes my nose/sinuses go all tingly and horrible.  makes me heave just to think about it! 

it was also a relief to know that i’d be having the heavy duty antisickness tablets at the ready and there’d be some chance that i wouldn’t be throwing up for the next two days like first time round.  as it turned out, i pretty much spent saturday and sunday asleep and recovering my appetitie and equilibrium over the next few days.

PICC day…  nerve racking but i know it’s for a good reason and it’s going to make life sooooo much easier… 

spent the afternoon waiting for stuff to happen…  the curse of the patient…. waiting, always just waiting…

it’s official - my cat has more hair than i do!!!

the other side effect i noticed whilst in hospital was all my hair was starting to fall out.  eek!  so, decided to shave it to a number 1 when i got home and my brave man helped with achieving this fabulous new look :-)

i know they warn you about this, but really… i only phoned the hospital to ask if i should take some paracetamol because my temperature was up to 37.5 and then ended up being told to come in as they needed to check my bloods and do a full workover on my symptoms!

as it turned out, my white cells had taken a dive to 0.3 (a healthy person is around 6-10) and i ended up being kept in until the friday because not only did they want to get my white cells back up, but they also wanted to see at least 24hrs of normal body temperature.  managed to get myself a ‘private’ room as well, which sounds very swanky, but actually involved being isolated because some of my tests came back with a query c.diff bug which they don’t like to be spreading amongst the other patients.  so, whilst it was lovely to have peace and quiet and not be on a ward with 5 other people, i wasn’t allowed to leave the room at all and was definitely glad when they said i could leave on the friday afternoon!!

also had a useful conversation with a nurse who happened to mention having a PICC line put in and as i have so many problems with having blood taken, i’m gonna go for it.  it’s gonna be intrusive for a few months, but i just can’t imagine having another canulla put into my hand, let alone having the chemo drugs delivered through it…

back to work and glad to be following some routine.  still doing around 4 hours a day, which amazingly is just enough.  mornings are definitely better and am glad to be home by around 3’sh for a sit down and rest.  just can’t imagine doing a full day and it’s amazed me just how fatigued my body has become.

also managing to see friends and catch up with their news.  focusing away onto their lives helps, takes my mind off stuff…